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Annual Strategic Planner

Annual Strategic Planner

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Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and turn your ideas into a clear, well-structured strategic business plan?  Look no further than our “Annual Strategic Planner”.  

After spending 2 decades as a Mining Engineer planning complex projects every day, I have deep understanding of the importance of a clear, concise, transparent, visible and measurable plan.  

During my time in the Mining Industry, I have noticed that whilst many Managers, Business Owners, Contractors and Entrepreneurs have excellent skills in their chosen field, often times their planning skills are not so great. 

Over the years I’ve found myself coaching people through the same process over & over again –

  • what is the goal?
  • what does finished look like?
  • what does success look like?
  • how do we know if today was successful?
  • how do we know if we are on track to meet our annual goal?

I developed this planning board using the exact process I follow when creating a Strategic Business Plan for my business and for all projects I work on. 

This board takes all of your ideas, upcoming projects and deadlines and helps you organise them into a roadmap for the year ahead. 

You can purchase this board as a standalone product OR we can work together while I guide you & help you hone your planning skills! 

Proudly Australian Made. 

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