West of the Waves | The Beginning

West of the Waves | The Beginning

I'm very new to this blogging business so please forgive me if I break all of the rules ... actually I don't know the rules so, I am just going to 'wing it' and work it out as I go!

I wanted to define my 'why'.  Why I started West of the Waves

My intention behind starting this business was very clear - I needed to do something for myself. 

Not in a selfish way, not at all, but in a self loving way.  I know myself and I know that I am my best self when I have a purpose that is separate from the daily grind.  

So here goes ...

In my previous life, the one before we welcomed our beautiful son, I had a Masters Degree (I obviously still have this but it's not required to change nappies) and I had a career.  I have spent the past 15 years working in remote locations throughout Australia.  I have lived in camps and worked every roster there is.  The days, the nights, the DIDO, the FIFO, the 5 day week, the 9 day fortnight, you name it, I've done it.  And, I have mostly loved it.  When I say mostly, I mean, there were definitely parts I absolutely hated but hey, we all have those days!!  

Since having my son I have come to the realization that that part of my life is over - for now.  Not because it's not possible nor because I couldn't make it work but because I no longer want to.  I don't want to be in a donga in remote Queensland while my baby boy is at home with my husband.  Maybe in the future but not now. 

Now, I have a very active mind so when that realization happened ... the questions & doubts started rolling on through "what if I NEVER work again", "will I ever get another job if I take a break" ...

The mind can be very cruel because on top of those thoughts I was also thinking "will people think I don't love my son because I am having these thoughts", "am I a bad mother because I actually want to work"?

So, would I be a bad mother because I want to work?  The answer to that is a very firm NO. 

Everyone's path is different.  My mind needs a project because when it is idle, I cascade into self doubt and worry.  I am actually a better mother when I have a project because I am more positive, upbeat and driven.  

So, back to the story, fast forward ...

I was talking to my brother, as I do every day.  I was chatting away, spiraling into the tunnel of doom (again) "what am I going to do", "I can't go back to what I was doing", "I love being home with my baby but I need to use my mind". 

We have always had the type of relationship where no holds are barred and so he ever so eloquently said "you are always banging on about opening a store - why don't you just do it, quit yapping and get on with it". 

He challenged me right then and there to a project: set up a dropshipping store, pronto. And so, I did. 

48 hours later, I was the proud owner of a shiny new dropship store.  I had sample products in the mail, my page was live and I was very proud of myself. 

Already, I had noticed a significant change in my attitude.  I was sleeping better, waking more refreshed, I had more energy and I was powering through chores so that whilst my son was napping I could work on my store.  I was starting to get my mojo back and it felt great!  

Challenge No. 2: I quickly realized that I wasn't in love with the products I had imported into my store.  So I set about finding products that I really loved, products that I would be proud to show my nearest and dearest because I knew they would love them too. 

After trawling the internet for a few days I stumbled onto some absolutely fabulous bangles and, well, bring on my love affair with beach bangles!!  

I don't know where this journey will take me but I do know that the journey so far has helped me reconnect with myself and what is important to me.  Isn't that what they say ... "its not about the destination but about the journey" ...

You can check out the collection of solid 925 sterling silver or 14k gold fill beach bangles in store at www.westofthewaves.com and please head on over to Instagram and follow the journey from here. 

Til next time 🖤


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