West of the Waves | Online Orders

West of the Waves | Online Orders

As many of you may (or may not) know, I run West of the Waves from our family home.  I don't have a bricks and mortar store front but I do have a number of gorgeous boutiques around Australia that stock my products in their stores (I honestly can not tell you how thrilling this is for me - so grateful)!! 

This business model has been a very conscious decision for me as my husband and I have two very small children.  Which leads me to my point - this corona virus thing is quite concerning!

Up to this point I have always allowed people in our local area, along with friends, family and acquaintances to pick up their orders however, going forward I will no longer be able to accept orders for pick up.  

Please know that West of the Waves is open for business.  There are several new styles arriving over the coming weeks.  I also have loads of gorgeous jewellery pieces ready to go for mothers day, thank you gifts, birthdays etc. 

Orders are collected to go to the post office most days & we can have these beautifully wrapped and out to your loved ones with no need to head into the shops.  

I wrote a little post on my Instagram today and I just thought I would finish up by re-writing it here - 


In these very uncertain times BE KIND.

This corona situation is causing some serious stress to so many people. 

People are feeling isolated like they've never felt before and their minds are running with questions ... 

"will my & my loved ones health be ok?"

"will my investments, my job, my business be safe?"

So i ask you, my little community, ARE YOU OK? 

And I want you to know that if you want to talk I will be here to listen xx 


I've linked some of my favourite "I love you" pieces below.  

Take care and be kind 

Sarah xxxx 



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