West of the Waves | Linen

West of the Waves | Linen

I am literally so excited to announce the launch of our in house label - West of the Waves linen!!

When I was a little girl I would "design" dresses in front of the mirror using towels.  So, to now have my own brand of 100% linen clothing is literally a dream come true!

The first piece in the West of the Waves collection is a simple shift dress called the "Sarah Shift Dress". 

Whilst this dress is a very simple design its classic & that's something I like in a dress. 

When designing pieces for this collection i have tried to cover off on all the things that "annoy" me when shopping for clothes.  Lets go through that list - 

  • I want good quality fabric
  • I want good quality sewing 
  • I DO NOT want my butt hanging out (I'm 5'11") so a modest length 
  • I DO NOT want it to cling to my butt
  • I want something stylish that isn't going to go out of fashion in three weeks 
  • I want to be able to wear a decent bra 
  • I want pockets in pretty much everything
  • And, last but not least I want it to be true to size    

The first release of this dress is available in white & powder blue.  You can get yours here! 


Also, did you know we wholesale?  So, if you would like to see West of the Waves linen in a boutique near you (anywhere in the world) please share! 

Dream big,

Love, Sarah xxx  

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